Joshua Tree Retreat Center



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Sleep under the majestic desert sky…

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Tent - Max. 4 People
($25.00 per night)

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RV - Max. 4 People
($25.00 per night)

Camping is an awesome and affordable way to experience the desert outdoors and exquisite nights under the stars. We have several camping areas to choose from; all of which come with the option of showers, bathrooms and a jacuzzi. There are however no hook-ups, no pets allowed, and absolutely no open flames - thanks for understanding!
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Treat yourself to some indoor luxury…

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Ridge Cottages
($65.00 per night)

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Caravansary Rooms
($60.00 per night)

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Studio Apartments
($75.00 per night)

Joshua Tree Retreat Center guest rooms are simple and comfortable. Heating and cooling has been installed in all rooms. Accommodations are all within easy walking distance to the swimming pool and dining hall. To help encourage your relaxation; rooms do not have televisions or phones, however WiFi is available in most locations. Also, even though some rooms do have kitchenettes, no cooking is allowed in any of the rooms.
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How Do We Get To Joshua Tree Retreat Center?

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We are located approximately 45 minutes from Palm Springs International Airport, 1½ hours from Ontario Airport, 1 ¾ hours from Orange County International Airport and 2 hours from Los Angeles. Our high desert (3000 ft) locale boasts wonderfully cool evenings even during the warmest of seasons. The Joshua Tree National Park is only 6 miles away, and aside from our own hiking trails, there is a unique and beautiful marshland with additional hikes just a few minutes away.

GPS Coordinates @ N 34• 8' 6" : W 116• 21' 40"

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