Joshua Tree Retreat Center



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Have some fun while you’re in town…

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We here in the Morongo Basin are blessed to be surrounded by the Joshua Tree National Park and a whole host of other Wildlife Preserves; as well as numerous botanical gardens for you to explore. Highlights include beautiful hiking paths, numerous bird watching opportunities and professionally guided tours.
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Joshua Tree is world renowned for it’s climbing spots… with boulders and formations for every skill level. We even have adventure guides and a training school in town to point you in the right direction. Plus there’s our very own annual Climber’s Festival right here at the Joshua Tree Retreat Center Campground.
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Joshua Tree has several professionally designed golf courses; so whether you’re looking to play a quick nine or challenge yourself to a full eighteen - it’s certain that you’ll find the perfect tee time here in the desert. Additionally most of the club houses offer cart rentals to make your round as enjoyable and stress free as possible.
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There are plenty of horses in Joshua Tree as well as an equestrian center and a number of smaller stables including a working ranch. If you’re wanting to take an outride or just have your little one trot around the paddock for while; there’s an option for you - with hour long rides to suit just about every budget.
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We pride ourselves at the retreat center on being an oasis of wellness; with a full service spa within strolling distance from your campsite. Offerings available include guided Vippasana meditation, Tai Chi Sessions, Yoga Classes, Sweat Lodges, Drum Circles, Silent Pool and Jacuzzi, an array of Massages and Water Therapy.
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Anybody with an interest in the cultural side of life is in for a real treat - Joshua Tree is home to a whole host of historic museums and art galleries; featuring something for everyone, from the valley’s native american origins to the modern day introduction of the world famous Integratron. There are even weekly paint outs in town.
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The Joshua Tree night life is rich and vibrant with no less than four playhouses - some of which are known for producing critically acclaimed and award winning shows. Depending on the time of year which you decide to visit; you might even be able to catch a performance by our very own philharmonic orchestra.
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The local restaurants in the valley are sure to satisfy your appetite; with menus to suit practically every type of palate, from spicy mexican to gourmet vegan, stylish sushi to homemade burgers, and everything in between. We even have plenty of stores if you just need to do some regular grocery or gift shopping.
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This handy points of interest guide contains an easy to follow contact sheet; with phone numbers, addresses and wherever possible - website urls. We hope that this helps make your stay even more enjoyable; there are also details for our local Chamber of Commerce if you have any questions on a topic we didn’t cover…

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What’s the climate like in Joshua Tree?

Typically - between 10° to 17°F (3° to 5°C) cooler than Palm Springs... days are pretty much always clear with less than 25 percent humidity. Temperatures are most comfortable in the spring and fall, with an average high/low of 85° and 50°F (29° and 10°C) respectively. Winter brings cooler days, around 60°F (15°C), and freezing nights. It occasionally snows at higher elevations. Summers are hot, over 100°F (38°C) during the day and not cooling much below 85°F (29°C) until the early hours of the morning.
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